Your Kidney Diet

Healthy eating is important for us all. Nutritious foods give us the fuel we need to complete daily tasks, maintain a healthy weight and much more. But for those with kidney disease, making healthy food choices is even more important. Not only does it provide you with energy, build muscle, and help you maintain a healthy weight; according to The National Kidney Foundation a good diet may also reduce the risk of infection and possibly prevent further decline in your kidney function.

Because there a variety of factors that influence someone’s kidney function including the stage of the disease and other comorbidities such as diabetes, there is not cookie cutter diet for kidney disease. It is best to contact your dietitian for a specific meal plan that includes the correct portions of nutrients your body needs for optimal function. Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium should be monitored and the amount one person needs will differ from the next. Also depending on a person’s stage in kidney disease, the percentage of protein needed in your diet will vary.

Still despite the variations in nutritional plans amongst those with kidney disease, a few basic principles apply across the board.

1. Eat foods that are closet to the Earth such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
a. Foods that remain “edible” for years before expiring such as chips are not ideal.
2.Reduce sodium/salt intake.
a.Sodium retains fluid and increased fluid intention increases the workload of your kidneys.
3.Reduce sugar intake
a. An increase in blood sugar levels can damage the kidneys.

Finally, a well-balance diet that includes grains,vegetables, fruits and proteins is preferred.For many people with kidney disease dairy products should be avoided. For more information on how your food choices influence your kidney function and for tasty recipes please visit

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