When undergoing androgen deprivation therapy, prostate cancer patients should be counseled to improve mental and emotional well-being

Men with prostate cancer that are treated with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) should be counseled to improve their mental health post treatment according to a study performed by the researchers at the University of California – San Francisco. Treatment for prostate cancer with ADT offers an array of side effects ranging from fatigue to increased total body fat content. Studies in the past have linked ADT to depression. This recent study evaluated the mental health of ADT patients pre and post treatment. Although there was not a large discrepancy in the rate of mental health symptoms after twenty-four months of treatment, researchers suggest that ADT patients became accustomed to the symptoms, therefore they didn’t report back symptoms. Researchers from this study suggest that ADT patients should be counseled prior to their treatment in order to minimize changes in patient’s quality of life.


Contributing Author: Rosevine Azap

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