“Bionic pancreas” shows promise for diabetes management

According to the American Diabetes Association, about one million Americans have Type 1 diabetes. Since Type 1 diabetes has no known cure, those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes have to succumb to treatment for the rest of their lives. A recent invention by researchers at Boston University and Massachusetts General Hospital show a prototype of an artificial “bionic pancreas” that will allow those with Type 1 diabetes to manage their blood insulin and glucagon levels more efficiently. “The bionic pancreas developed by a Boston University/Massachusetts General hospital research team consist of a smartphone hardwired to a continuous glucose monitor and two pumps that deliver doses of insulin or glucagon every five minutes” (Boston University Department of Biomedical Engineering). Those who use the bionic pancreas don’t have to worry about the traditional method of checking their blood sugar level through the prick of a finger. The bionic pancreas device has been tested on both adults and children and has been effective.


Contributing Author: Rosevine Azap

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