A New Treatment For Type 1 Diabetes Using Human Cells Inside The Gut

A new treatment for Type 1 diabetes is being investigated as a result of the findings from a team at Colombia University Medical Center in New York City. Those who have Type 1 diabetes have a deficiency which causes their immune system to destroy the body’s nature insulin-producing cells. The new treatment consists of using human cells inside the gut to be retrained to produce insulin for the body. Mary Dallas states, “Prior research conducted by the team at Columbia involving mice revealed that intestinal cells could be turned into insulin-producing cells. Insulin made by the transformed gut cells was then released into the bloodstream and effectively controlled the blood sugar levels in diabetic mice.” Scientists are excited about what this new treatment entails and the promise it holds in curing Type 1 diabetes, a disease that afflicts African-Americans disproportionally.


Contributing Author: Rosevine Azap

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